Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the Jargon File: Cyberprefixation

Cyberprefixation: n.

1. the compulsive, excessive, or vain use of the term “cyber” before other words forming words or word sequences not used in typical dialogue. In this context, “cyber” frequently indicates a narrow meaning such as information security, however, the precise meaning is almost always ambiguous. In cyberprefixation, the addition of the term “cyber” doesn’t necessarily provide any meaningful description or clarification, but rather is used predominately for its value as a buzzword. Cyberprefixation may be used to describe all cases where “cyber” precedes the word it modifies, whether separated by punctuation or where combined to form single word. Cyberprefixation often results in creation of nonce words.

Cyberprefixation is closely related to cyalliteration, but differs in that cyberprefixtion refers the use of "cyber" in it's entirety, whereas cyalliteration leverages only first syllable “cy”.

Example: That press release was a prime example of cyberprefixation.

See also: cybercrud and buzzword-compliant


  1. +1 for Truth
    I remember the good old days when "cyber" meant "sex". As in, "cyber-sex". As in, chat rooms with pervy people having 'virtual sex'. #Memories