Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shameless plug for Colleagues' DC3 Presentations

Is it shameful to engage in cronyism, if you disclose it up front? I hope not.

While I’m not going to be attending the DoD Cyber Crime Conference this year, I’d like to draw attention to some of my colleagues who will be. Since I’m not attending, I haven’t looked at who else is speaking.

Sam Wenck, who co-presented with me last year and works side by side with me daily, is presenting on Threat Intelligence Knowledge Management for Incident Response. In essence, he’ll be speaking on how to implement the technology necessary to support intelligence driven CND. If you are interesting in improving your organization’s ability to record, maintain, and leverage threat intelligence, you should attend.

Kieth Gould will be speaking to the title of “When did it happen? Are you sure about that?” I believe the original title of this preso was “How to score a date with your PC” (which Kieth routinely does). Frankly, I’m just not deep enough into host based forensics to fully appreciate the subject matter. Kieth has a reputation for his aptitude for and thorough attention to esoteric technical detail. This presentation might break the Geek Meter scale.

Having had previews of the content, I expect both these presentations to contain an abundance of pragmatic technical content and be free from annoying marketing rhetoric.

I also believe Mike Cloppert is going to be on a panel (not sure which one), but he doesn’t need any help drawing crowds.

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  1. Is the Keith's presentation available?